This might be a case of TMI but we are all friends here right? Well, I will take the chance and share. Tonight was a special night for my wife and I. Thanks to this Paleo Diet it has been awhile for me. For most of us I am sure if we are being honest. Tonight it just kind of came as a shock to me when I realized it had been 8 days… So, after I put the kids to bed I made sure the house was dark. I washed up and put on some soft music to hide the any incriminating sounds from my light sleepers (couldn’t have them catching me in the act as they are old enough now to know what I am doing). I got the bedroom ready – turned down the sheets and set the lights on low. I wanted to be able to see everything but in a more mood appropriate way… Then I got that special something from the kitchen. When all was ready I softly called my wife into the room and held up the object i had taken from the kitchen and in a sultry voice I asked her if I could watch her eat a cookie!