Let me start by saying that this has absolutely nothing to do with India.

For those of you who don’t know, my son Ender is named after a very popular character in the world of Science Fiction.  The “Ender’s Game” series of books, by Orson Scott Card, is legendary.  I was first introduced to “Ender’s Game” in High School, when Mr. Elliot, my English teacher, gave us a choice between reading “Farenheit 451” or “Ender’s Game“.  Being the geek that I was, I chose the much longer of the two of them, and my life was never the same.  In the years that followed, I read and re-read the book countless times, along with others and the series, and somehow managed to find a husband who was a fan of the series as well.

Ender’s Game” is the story of an incredible young boy who has been bred and trained to become a military genius capable of making the decisions that can save the human race.  We named our son Ender due to the fact that this character had all of the same qualities that we would like to see in our own child.  Honesty, Integrity, Bravery, Resilliance, Drive, and an incredible, far-reaching Intelligence.  While a 6 year old who encompasses all of these qualities all the time will most likely remain the stuff of science fiction, it is certainly not a stretch to hope that a kid grows up with those qualities.

Anyway, to the real point of this story.  About a year and a half ago, I found that a book was being written called the “Authorized Ender Companion.”  The authors were looking for short essays on how the book had changed people’s lives.  On a whim, I decided to write a little snippet and send it in, a combination story of my love of the book and a good bit about the real-life Ender that we had given rise to.  Then, I promptly forgot about it.

Fast-forward to today.  Scott was contacted by a woman representing the publishers.  She was looking for me with a form to sign giving permission to have my essay published in the book.  It sounds like she had been looking for quite a while, as she mentioned that I was a very hard person to track down.

All this leads me to believe that this thing might actually get published!  I can’t wait to see if they use it.  I always knew my boy would be famous some day! 🙂

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