Two months, that is, for a package to make its way from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Hyderabad- assuming it makes it at all.

Our friends, Heidi and Paul, were kind enough to send us this little care package containing 2 stuffed animals, some fruit snacks, some m&m’s and various sundries.  Several packages have been sent to us since we moved here.  Only this one has actually made it.  The package in question was sent on November 28th, and arrived on January 28th.

The kids were delighted when they came running in the house with the package, and I still have yet to figure out just who came by and handed it to them.  The box was crushed and misshapen, and you could tell that the tape had been unstuck.  Examination of the contents proved that someone had indeed been rummaging around in it, as 1 of the stuffed animals was MIA.  I like to think he/she is now being cuddled by some little child who never had a stuffed toy before, but its just as likely to be a hood ornament for somebody’s auto-rickshaw.

Anyway, we were thrilled with the package, and thankful to Heidi and Paul for sending is this little reminder of home.  However, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else try to send anything…there are still two packages floating around India somewhere with our name on them, and its been far more than 2 months for them….

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