Addie brought a box of chalk back with her from the US.  The really big sticks of chalk, about 30 of them to a box.  I am sad to say that this chalk has already been used up and we are left with only a few little pieces that slip out of little fingers and cause scraped knuckles with each stroke on the blacktop.  However, it was put to a very good use, as Addie, Ender and their friends spent many long hours decorating the driveway and road.  In fact, at one point, there were drawings covering the road all the way up to the circle where you come in…3 houses past ours, and at least 6 little girls drawing their hearts out.

Here’s some scenes:

It was during a tour of this frenzy of artistic design that I made a delightful discovery.  Addie and a friend from the neighborhood had created the following design:

In case you can’t tell, that’s the flag of the United States and the flag of India, proudly waving together for all to see.  Kids can teach us so much.

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