We had a wonderful time in Florida, even if it was only for 4 short days. It felt as if we packed a whole 2 week vacation into those 4 days, but unfortunately weren’t able to see everyone we wanted to see.  We will come again to Florida in the summer, where we plan to pack a whole year into 1 month, and we hope to see everyone again then.  We miss everybody so much!

Here’s a brief rundown of what we did those 4 days.


Reconnected with our spouses. (yes, they really tell people that they are married!)

And went swimming with them.

Got our ears pierced.

And found it didn’t hurt so much with good friends around.

Learned to draw.

Fed the fish.

Attacked Daddy.

Celebrated the New Year.

Had Lunch with Friends.

Got Arrested.

Broke out of Jail.

Became a firefighters.

I, myself, managed to spend lots of time hanging out and chatting with my friend Maureen, who even accompanied me to the salon to get a new hairdo and kept me from falling to pieces on several occasions.  (Thanks, Maureen!)

It was a wonderful time, and it was incredibly hard for us to leave again.  The scene in the airport when Maureen and Kaylee dropped us off was emotional and difficult, and the flight home was quiet and reflective.

Thank you to everyone who came out to make our vacation to the US so fantastically memorable.  Its the thought of all the wonderful people that I will someday come back to, and the support that you give me while I am here, that keeps me sane from day to day.

Let’s just say, summer can’t come too soon!  We’ll see you all then!

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