Christmas Eve Day was celebrated at the condo with family and friends.  Along with ourselves, our parents and our friends, Heidi and Paul and family, our other friends Steph and Steve had come up the evening before to spend the day with us.  The condo easily accomodated all 13 of us, and we had a wonderful time.

We began the day by cooking ourselves a delicious breakfast of eggs, toast and of course, BACON!  Afterwards, we found the snow, which had been coming down steadily for the better part of 2 days, to be absolutely irresistable.  Those of us willing to brave the cold headed outside for a bit of frosty fun.

Here we are with Stephanie and Steve, who, incidentally, are the ones who “set us up” in 1993 on a sunny August day, starting the craziness that became the Fluegge family, which spawned 2 strange but beautiful children and a 15 year oddessy that has brought us to where we are today.  Without them, there would be no Fluegge family, there would be no Addie and Ender, and there would be no Fluegge blog about India!  Thanks Guys!

Here, Scott and the kids decided to bury Steve in the snow.  He’s a good sport!

Meanwhile, my mom deviously prepared snowballs for throwing,

While Scott, Ender and I posed for a photo op.

Afterwards, Scott began work on one of our fondest childhood memories…the snow tunnel.  With a little help on and off from the rest of us, Scott and Addie worked diligently to creat this awesome sight in the side of a large snow pile.  Each one of us eagerly took a turn slithering our way through.  Above, you can see that Addie is loving it!

Ender, amazingly enough, was not nearly as interested in the tunnel as the rest of us, and instead busied himself with shoveling snow.  Go figure.

Following our snowy fun, Stephanie and Steve had to leave to get to Christmas Eve with Steph’s sister.  Before they left, we got this cool group shot.  I LOVE this picture!  Notice our tiny christmas tree in the background.

Afterwards, Heidi, Addie, Vincent, Ender, my Mom and I decided to sneak off for a bit of pottery making in the resort, where the kids made a great puppy and kitten, Vincent made a car, and Heidi and I made some ornaments.

When we returned to the condo, Paul, Scott, his dad and the kids immediately headed off for the water park, while the rest of us stayed back for some R&R.

Upon their return, the kids played games with Grandma…

…while the baby snuck off to take care of that little toilet paper problem that we’d been having.

In the evening, we donned our India clothes for all to see.

The rest of the night was spent talking, eating shrimp and other appetizers, and making Reindeer food (above), which we spread outside in the clear starry night to attract Santa’s reindeer and let them know where we were staying.  We went to bed anticipating a visit from Jolly Old St. Nick.

Tomorrow:  Christmas Morning

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