We know the site has been silent since we went on vacation but hey, it was VACATION so you can’t expect Stacy to keep up on her daily posts can you?  We were too busy trying to cram 4 weeks of fun into 2 weeks of vacation!  We did a pretty darn good job of it too!  Those we DID get to see, you made the trip wonderful for us all.  For those we missed we are truley sorry but with only a few days in each state it was a logistics nightmare!

Now normally as you all know, Stacy is the one that keeps you all up to date on all things Fluegge.  Unfortunately, she is not fully back into the swing of things as we just made it back yesterday and the family is pretty Jet Lagged.  We made it back to our house at 5am Sunday morning.  After a quick nap we forced ourselves to get up and start adjusting to the 11.5 hour time difference.  Off to the market Addie and I went to stock the fridge and sneak some Basken Robins Ice Cream.  Then it was movie night at our indoor driven courtesy of the DLP Projector I brought back to India with us.  The kids hit the bed at 9pm and us by 11 hoping to get a full nights sleep.  It was naive thinking on our part…  Stacy was up by 2am, followed by Addie and Ender shortly later.  I was better off and forced myself to stay in bed despite repeatedly waking up till 6am.  Monday was work and school for all.

Addie and her constant companion
Addie and her constant companion

All did pretty well throughout the day but crashed hard in the evening.

Stacy tried to keep the kids up till 7pm but failed.  I left work early (got home at 8pm) only to find a house full of sleeping beauties.  It seems even the cats crashed!!

Stacy, Ender and Tiger - OUT!!
Stacy, Ender and Tiger - OUT!!

We have lots of pictures and lots of stories ranging from the trip home to Wisconsin, our time there, the miserable trip to Florida (with some good points as well) to our time there and finally our trip home.  We made some really great memories this year and some nightmares as well (look forward to our fun with Airport Security and Water in the Wall!).  Once Stacy catches up on her sleep, she will be back to posting and sharing all we have done and are doing.

Happy New Year to all!!

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