Our vacation has been good so far.  On Sunday we visited with Scott’s mom and dad and grandmother.  The kids tried to go out in the snow on and off, but due to the extreme cold here, they lasted an average of 5 minutes each time. 

In the evening we met some friends at a McDonalds and let the kids play in the playland while we chatted.  It was nice to see everyone and we had quite a good time.

Unfortunately, the cold weather has not been great for Ender, and he developed a fever in the afternoon that seems to be holding steady.  We will probably be taking him to a walk-in clinic in the morning as he is having quite the miserable night.

On the bright side, I now have my brand new ipod thanks to Scott’s dad.  He had bought one some time ago but they never used it, so he gave it to me as a replacement for my stolen one.  I’m quite glad to have it, and I spent the last couple of sleepless nighttime hours updating it and downloading a couple of songs.  I’m quite pleased.  Thank you, Dad!

Pictures of kids in snow to follow as soon as I find a way to connect the camera.

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    I am sending this to you on Monday, the 22nd but you probably will read it later. I wanted to wish you a HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY! I remembered my 29th it just doesn’t seem to ever end. Hope you enjoyed your day and many more to come. See you soon. Love Savie.


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