On Monday night, after all the commotion of the attempted break-in died down, I remained blissfully unaware that the thieves had actually managed to snag something.  It wasn’t until Wednesday night when I went into the kitchen to turn on some music while I cooked that I realized the horrible, horrible truth…

Right on the counter, within in arm’s reach of that back door that I had found mysteriously open at 8:30 that night, sits a huge pile of assorted paperwork, kid’s art projects, plastic bags full of unnecessary junk, and my Bose ipod docking station with my treasured ipod.

On Wednesday I discovered that the huge pile of paperwork, the kid’s art projects and the plastic bags of junk remained untouched.  However, the ipod and docking station were nowhere to be found.

The buggers took my Ipod!  As I always said, the Ipod was the one thing that I had that was mine and mine alone.  It contained MY songs, MY playlists, MY memories.  Nobody was allowed to touch it, and the kids wisely left it alone unless asked to turn it on.  It saw me through happy times and rough times.  My playlists reflected my every mood, and the vulgar croonings Red Hot Chili Peppers from the well-worn speakers got me through many a lonely night when Scott was in India while I remained in the US.

Its not that the music and the ipod can’t be replaced…I have all the music on the PC, and Scott has promised to buy me another ipod and docking station as soon as we get to the states.  But, its more than that.  Aside from the usual stuff…my kids, my husband, my overwhelming box of un-sorted photos from the past 12 years, the Ipod was my next most treasured possession.  It was old, it was scratched, it was dirty, but it was MINE, darn it!

Ridiculous, I know, but it is how I feel.  The new one will be newer, nicer, fancier (they don’t even make my old model anymore), but it will never be the same.  Some things just can’t be replaced.

5 thoughts on “The buggers took my Ipod!

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    May the overwelming selection of 80’s tunes drive them insane, as it did the original owner :-0
    Sorry for your loss, I’d send a card, but I thought the ones that play little songs might be a bit insulting, and they don’t make a condolence card for Ipods….yet.

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    Sorry you have lost one of your closest friends… but to quote Indiana Jones… it belongs in a museum! It may take a while to become BFFs with your new iPod, but it will be smaller and nicer. 🙂

    At least those monsters had the decency to wait until you were about to visit the states before they took it!

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    THAT SUX!!!!

    So, in the hopes to share the pain and that you know that I understand what you are going through, I had (intentionally) failed to mentioned that mine was stolen as well, you of all ppl know how addicted i was to mine as well. To make it all worse, it was stolen from your van, I had left it connected to the cable for the radio.

    The worse part is that I didn’t notice for days since I kept switching it from car to car as I used them, I was assured I had left it in one of the 3 cars, or possibly in the lawn mower or my dock, but to no avail, it is gone forever and now I can’t afford a new one. Sux to be me!!!

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    Stacy, tell that bum of a husband 😉 that there’s no need to wait to go back to the States. The iStore (where Rd #12 meets Rd #1) has the full range of iPods, but maybe not the models that have come out in the last 6 months. Also, there a Bose store on Raj Bahvan road, Somajiguda.

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    Stacy, I too feel your pain. You and your IPOD were attached at the side and I do know how you valued it. The break-in hit me hard. The guts and the gaul and the invasion of your privacy by these buggers had my mind reeling. The safety of your gates and your courageous dog Beauty did not stop them from their evil doings. If they only knew how you cherished your IPOD. Do they even know what to do with it or how it works? The scum bags!!!! I hate them for what they did to you.


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