My baby is growing up!  I can’t believe he finally lost his first tooth!  I know it is actually quite late for that, he’s a “late toother!” However, I still was very sad about the whole event.  I’ll miss those perfect little teeth and can no longer deny that he’s not a baby anymore.  How quickly they grow…

Scott has a problem with this picture…says that he doesn’t look cute in it and you can see right up his nose.  I’m posting it anyway…  All the others were even worse! 😉  Now that he’s in the tooth-losing stage, he’ll look funny for 2 years or so…in my opinion, it’s the perfect picture for the occasion!

2 thoughts on “Toothless Wonder

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    Hey Ender, Did the tooth fairy leave you a nice amount of money? I heard that the first tooth is always worth the most. Don’t settle for anything less than five bucks! And I do wonder what the tooth fairy does with all those teeth that he/she collects, don’t you too? Hmmm


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