Today we ventured to the local craft village to pick up some holiday gifts for our trip back to the US.  Now, the craft village is a sight to behold.  It is a little oasis in an otherwise loud, crowded city.  Spread out over quite a large area, pathways snake through rock gardens, statues, ponds, and a “museum”.  Statues of craftsmen and native farmers and such dot the landscape, looking right at home among the beautiful scenery.  They are very life like, so much so that at a distance they appear to be real people going about their daily business of crafting, farming, fishing, painting, and…  building statues themselves!  It is all quite charming and peaceful.  Unfortunately, for the second time, I forgot to bring my camera.  Next time…I promise!

On this visit, Scott convinced Addie and I to get our hands done with henna.  Now they have different names for it here which I don’t really know, but to me it is henna.  I have seen it on many people here.  It is always very intricate.

Though it looks very detailed, the whole process on Addie and I took about 10 minutes.  They apply the paste with little tubes that look like cake decorating bags.  The paste dries in about an hour, and then you can flake it off.  It takes some work to get it off, and I can imagine that the process would get pretty tedious if you had a large portion of your body done.  After the paste is removed, you are left with a light-colored stain.  Supposedly, in the next 24 hours, some sort of chemical reaction occurs that makes the color much darker.  You are not supposed to get it wet in this time as it will ruin the chemical reaction.

Unfortunately, it was evening and the kids needed showers before bed.  I had to sacrifice myself so that Addie’s could remain somewhat dry.  I washed her hair for her while she stood there like Frankenstein.  As a result, hers is darker than mine and will probably last longer, but mine is still pretty.

Scott wanted me to have this done for our trip back to the US.  If it looks as if it is wearing off completely by that time, I will try to get it done again before we leave.  If done right, it should last 4 to 6 weeks.  Next time I think I’ll let Addie go to bed as a dirtball! 🙂

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