I have been informed by my loving husband that yesterday I was way out of line.  He said that I was being too hard on the slimy, white cheese.  He even accused me of being downright mean.  “It’s not THAT bad,” he admonished.  I want it said here and now that I apologize for this brutal attack on an innocent dairy product.  It was unfair of me to say such evil, spiteful things, especially after all it has done for me.  For these last 4 months it provided me with my only link back to my Wisconsin heritage, however tenuous, and this is how I repay it?  For shame.  Thank you, Scott, for helping me to see the error of my ways.  Let me submit this as a formal written apology to the cheese, along with 20 community service hours to be spent admiring our neighbors and suppliers of all things dairy – the water buffalo.


Stacy Fluegge

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