Looks like fun?
Looks like fun?

Last summer, while taking my legendary “road trip”, I stopped at one or two (dozen) rummage sales while in Wisconsin.  At one of those sales, I happened upon the coolest thing:  A model of a motorcycle made entirely out of lego blocks.  At $3, I couldn’t beat the price.  The only bad part was that we had to make the model ourselves.  I hoped that it would be good for some father/son bonding at some point.

When it came time to pack up to leave for India, the model went in our air shipment box.  I packed it knowing full well that Scott would probably never do it, and I would eventually be the one putting it together.

How wrong I was!

When I casually suggested that Scott and Ender make it this Saturday, I was surprised when Scott sent Ender to go and get it.  I was even more impressed when he finished the model completely that day.  While Ender, Addie and I chipped in here and there, the bulk of the project was Scott’s handiwork, and you must admit, the result is quite impressive.

Perhaps we’ve found him a new hobby besides work?

Hard at work...Notice all of the pieces?
Hard at work...Notice all of the pieces?
Proud Construction Crew showing off their creation
Proud Construction Crew showing off their creation
The finished product.  Nifty, Eh?
The finished product. Nifty, Eh?

The motorcycle now sits in a glass cabinet above our kitchen counter for all to see.  Scott has assured that he will never have to rebuild it by throwing away the directions.  I will do my best to keep it whole and sound for as long as possible.  Perhaps Santa will bring Scott another one to work on?

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    AMAZING!TRULY AMAZING! Who would have thought that the “find” from a rummage sale (at only $3.00) would bring so much family enjoyment and entertainment. Job well done! IT’S JUST PLAIN AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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