Addie: Addie is doing great in school.  She is still an incredible bookworm, and seems to be coming along nicely with learning her multiplication tables.  Her favorite time of the week is Wednesday afternoon when she attends drama class for her after school activity.  She has been very interested in painting lately, and has moved away from the horses and flowers that she always has painted to much more colorful, abstract paintings.  They are very beautiful and creative, and am looking for some frames so I can hang them on the walls.  According to the music teacher, she is showing some aptitude with her guitar, though practicing her coronet is a bit of a struggle lately.  She has asked for a guitar for Christmas.

Ender: Ender is really into badminton.  He clamors for us to go out and play with him, and when no one will, he can be found in front of the house repeatedly hitting the ‘birdie’ into the door.  He also loves playing the Wii with his daddy or with his friends who live in the neighborhood and like to hang out at our house.  He plays the bongos in the band and seems to be doing well with that.  School is a piece of cake for him, though he seems to take after his daddy in spelling, requiring a good amount of studying in this particular subject.  His math skills are incredible, and he is able to mentally compute nearly any addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problem that you throw his way.  He got this from his dad too, because he certainly didn’t get it from me!

Stacy: I’m working at the school full time now.  Its tiring, but I do really enjoy it.  I’m trying to find a good balance between work and home, and hope to really get it all down to a science as soon as possible.  My ideas of gardening and painting are, obviously, put on hold for now, but I do hope to get around to painting the bathroom one of these weekends.  In the evenings after the kids are in bed, I enjoy playing computer games and working on this website while I wait for Scotty to get home.

Scott: Scott is busy working as usual, but now with the official titles of CIO and Senior VP of Operations.  Unfortunately, he still spends an average of 12 to 14 hours at work each day, but is ‘hopefully’ working on reducing that slightly in the future.  (Right, honey??)  He is still losing weight, and has begun working out in the morning after the kids and I are off to school.  He exercises with a friend or goes running by himself each morning.  He’s looking GREAT!

Scott and I both have facebook accounts now, so feel free to look us up if you are on there.  I use mine for games mostly, while Scott is busy reconnecting with friends from High School and College.  Who’d have thought he’d be the more social one??

Last weekend we bought some traditional clothing for the kids, and hope to take them to get a professional picture taken this coming weekend.  I would like to have a nice photo for everyone when we get to the US.  (Plus, I can’t remember the last time they had a nice picture taken together…I think it was probably at least 4 years ago!)

So, that’s the news on us.  We’re keeping busy and doing fine.   What more can you ask for, really?

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