So, the plans have ‘mostly’ been made.  Well, at least the flights have been bought.  The plan is as follows:

Saturday, Dec. 20th, 3am:  Leave Hyderabad

Saturday, Dec 20th, 5:00pm:  Arrive in Chicago, Illinois

Saturday Dec 20th-Friday Dec. 26th:  Stay in Wisconsin.  Spend a couple of days and X-mas at Wisconsin Dells water park with friends and family.

Monday, Dec. 22nd -Celebrate my 28th birthday!  (really! 😉  )

Saturday Dec. 27th:  Fly to West Palm Beach

Saturday, Dec. 27th:  Go out with everyone in the evening and do things I’ll probably be regretting the next morning.  😉

Saturday, Dec. 27th to Saturday, Jan 2nd:  Stay in West Palm beach and visit friends.

Saturday, Jan 2nd:  Fly back to Hyderabad and arrive early morning, Sunday the 3rd.

Sunday, Jan 3rd:  Sleep all day

Monday, Jan 4th:  Attempt to make it to work/school in our sleep-deprived, jet-lagged state.

Its going to be a wild 2 weeks, but I know it will be great!  Can’t wait to see you all!

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