While I don’t have a picture of her, and she’d be quite angry if I tried to put one up anyway, I’d like to take a moment to wish a big happy birthday to my dear friend Maureen.

Maureen has been my partner in crime for the last several years.  She has been there with me for all of the volunteering, all of the Girl Scout stuff, all of the large parties we’ve thrown, and most of the best times I have had in the last few years.  She is responsible for me developing a much more laid-back attitude than I had when I arrived in Florida, and for introducing me to the dark side of life by ordering me my first ever shot.  She never likes to take any glory, but it must be known that I could not have pulled off a single event at the school or for the Girl Scouts without her at my side, nor would I have wanted to.  Even the most hectic, annoying, frustrating events were made fun when we worked together.  We were a team, pure and simple, in everything we did. No matter what, I knew she always had my back.  We’ve been through some bad times together, but we have come through it all unscathed, and are stronger people for it.

Even now, we manage to talk almost daily, making life here a little less lonely, and she has even begun using instant messaging as a way to communicate with me, even though I know she despises typing. I appreciate that more than you will ever know.

So, Happy Birthday, Maureen.   Thanks for all of the good times, and many more to come!  Christmas holidays will be great….just make sure that West Palm Beach is ready for these old girls…we’ve got some life in us yet!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Maureen!

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    When Stacy,Scott and the children moved down to Florida, so far away from family and friends, I was thrilled when Stacy said that she had found a friend. Someone that she could talk to,laugh with,cry with, someone that she could rely on, two people that could support each other, plan events together,sit at McDonalds and just plain relax while the kids played,someone. And her name is Maureen. Happy Birthday to you Maureen.

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    Thank you for the balloons,teddy bear, flowers and all the nice comments. And by the way, you could of done it all without me it just wouldn’t of been as fun!..oh and thank you grammyw2k!


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