On Sunday, our family had the opportunity to attend a Cricket match hosted by Scott’s company.

Apparently, Ender has been playing Cricket in school during PE (I had no clue!), and knew a little about it.  He was eager to get out there and play a bit.  It appeared that he must have been taught about how to throw the ball, as he is well on his way to the crazy running and arm swinging thing that the throwers do.  Hitting wasn’t as great, but he’ll get it.

Scott played a bit too, but didn’t get in on the match at all this time around.

Being a non-sports person, I highly doubt that I’ll ever be “into” this game. After all, I’m the bizzare native Wisconsinite who couldn’t care less about football and the Green Bay Packers.  Still, it was nice to see what the game was all about.

Oh, and I’ve been told by Ender that he would like a Cricket Bat for Christmas.  Maybe I’ll have to get “into” Cricket after all….

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