This picture was taken while lying on the floor
This picture was taken while lying on the floor

Well, the inevitable finally happened.  After several months of close calls and worrying on my part, my little furball, Tiger, managed to lose his footing on one of the railings going upstairs and fall over 15 feet with an audible thud onto the marble tile below.

Ender witnessed the whole thing, and started yelling for me immediately, prompting a barrage of questions and a frantic search for the missing feline.  Tiger had high-tailed it off to the shelter of a corner chair, and resisted my attempts to grab him for several moments. Finally he gave in, and though he looked a bit stunned, he seemed no worse for the wear. I guess that cats really do land on their feet (or, at least, don’t take too much damage in a fall).

I’d like to think that he has learned his lesson, but I know better.  Let’s just hope that next time its not the 30 foot high banister.  I fear that he would not fare so well….he is awfully chunky, you know!

Here he is, looking no worse for the wear
Here he is, looking no worse for the wear

One thought on “El Gato Volador (the flying cat, revisited)

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    Just as I was reading about Tiger the aerialist, Sweet Pea came bounding up the steps onto the redwood railing, looked down at the eight foot drop, and retreated to the safety of the couch. Maybe this is the difference between an old (mature) cat and a young (impetuous) one.


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