This morning when I got to school, I was thrilled to be informed that the kiddos’ picture had been printed in the Hyderabad Times!  There was a little article on the expat Halloween event, with a nice spread of pictures.  Perfect thing to keep for the scrapbook.  Now…if I only HAD a scrapbook.

The text of the article reads:

“It was an evening where everyone was sporting masks and scary costumes of vampires and witches.  And though the Halloween party organized by the city’s expats, at a star hotel in Gachibowli, was meant for kids, their parents too joined the celebrations with gusto.  There were spooky lights, candles, pumpkins, scary masks and skeletons all around.  And after the Halloween games, there were Halloween movies and music.  And those who weren’t worn out let their hair down to some hip hop and western popular numbers.  There were mock punches and candies for kids which even parents relished….”

I know there are a lot of teachers who are reading that and cringing right now because of the crummy grammar, but let’s just say that that is typical of the papers that I have read here.  As a result, I don’t read the paper very often.

It goes on to say “Overheard:  ‘We don’t miss our home country anymore’

Now, while I will admit that it was a very nice event, and that it went a long way toward making us feel a little less lost than we usually feel, I think it will be a very long time (like never) before we could say that we didn’t miss our home country anymore.  I could be wrong….

Anyway, the moral of the story is:  Kids made the paper and they were quite pleased. (Their parents were too!)

One thought on “They Made the Papers!

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    Hey Addie and Ender! You made the headlines! That’s awesome and so are the costumes. GREAT JOB STACY. Your hard work sure paid off!


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