Words cannot describe the pain that we are all feeling right now.  Your incredible journey through life was cut way too short, leaving an emptiness in our hearts that will never go away.

Though we had only known each other for a few years, the memories you have left with me will last a lifetime.  Your courage and strength are an inspiration, your positive outlook in the face of all adversity is something few will ever achieve.  I am awed by the amazing attitude that you displayed up the the very last moment, and am angry at your traitorous body that gave up the fight long before your beautiful mind would have ever allowed.

I will always appreciate your advice and guidance and will never forget all that you have taught me.  You have changed my life forever, and I, as well as each and every person whom you touched, will carry with us that spark that burned so brightly in you.  Thank you for all that you have given us.

Life will carry on, as it must, for those of us left behind, but a little piece of each of us died with you this day.

We love you, Kathryn.

You will never be forgotten.

9 thoughts on “For Kathryn

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    Kathryn was an extraordinary woman whose energy and commitment to her grandchildren was inspiring to all who knew her. Her enthusiasm for being in the moment marked her as someone who had truly figured out how to live richly and wisely. Her legacy will continue through the family and friends she held close to her heart, and it is to them I extend my sympathy for their loss.

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    Kathryn was an amazing woman with an incredible spirit. The love that she had for Nina and Krysta was evident to anyone who knew her. Her commitment to them and their well-being was touching. My heart goes out to those little girls. She will be missed.

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    It was my pleasure to meet Kathryn several years ago when Nina joined our KG, 1st, and 2nd grade cluster. Over the years, we’ve watched Nina and Krysta blossom into such beautiful,smart,and sweet girls, knowing it from the love and nurturing of their grandmother.Kathryn truly changed the girls’ lives. She was always warm and supportive and it was obvious that the girls were so happy and loved. Kathryn was truly a special person. Although she will be deeply missed, her love will live on in Nina and Krysta forever.

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    Nina and Krysta are the most amazing girls and that is all due to the love and commitment that Kathryn had for her girls. Kathryn will be remembered and will truly be missed.

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    Kathryn will definitely be missed.

    I know deep in my heart that my life is a better one from having known her. Her courage, strength and passion is an inspiration to us all.

    You will always be remembered fondly…

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    How can someone possibly find all of the pieces of all the hearts that are broken? Stacy, Scott, Addie and Ender, Krysta, Nina and Nora. Although I only met Kathryn on two different occasions, My heart is breaking for all of you. I can feel the hurt and I am very sorry to hear such a sad story about a very wonderful lady and Kathryn is her name.

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    A special woman who faced life with strength and courage that many do not posses. Her mellow, sweet voice, like that of an angel made me pay attention when she spoke. Like all angels, she spread her wings and showed Nina & Krysta how wonderful life can be. Although, her life was too short, I believe that her job was executed well, after all, look at the girls and all those lives she has touched. Kathryn was truly Great!


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