Those of you who know Scott well will be happy to find out that in India he can still participate in one of the greatest joys of his life.  The one thing that Scott looks forward to all year long and takes great pride in displaying for anyone lucky (or unlucky) enough to be in the vicinity.  It may not be on the same day that we are used to, but the necessary materials are still available.  In fact, the available goods to be used on this day seem to be far superior in the noise and power category than those that we could buy (legally) in the US.  Yes, in India, they don’t care if you blow your hand off with…FIREWORKS!

The upcoming holiday, Diwali, is the “Festival of Lights”.  Its apparently the festival of thunderous booms and ceaseless pops and bangs too.  Fireworks stands have sprung up everywhere, and Scott and our friend Rajesh decided to partake.

While the actual festival is Monday-Tuesday, that has not stopped many merry-makers from lighting fireworks at all hours of the night for at least the past week, causing poor Beauty no end of suffering as she tries to cower in corners because her lampshade collar won’t allow her to get under the bed.  The fact that it is not quite time yet also did not stop Scott and Ender and our houseboy Sudhaker from trying a few out today themselves.  Check out the MEGA-Snake!

I have forbidden the very loud ones until the day of the festival.  Apparently, they are the crazy-loud ones that have long-since been banned in the US.  I think on Tuesday I’ll take Beauty’s lampshade off and cower with her underneath Addie’s bed.

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    Imagine that! The 4th of July on days Oct. 24th-28th. I’m sure that Scott is in his glory. Ender, stay far enough away! Oh! what the heck am I talking about? Like Father, like son!!!


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