Those of you who have been following along with the pool saga know that my last pool post ended with me stating that I had faith that the pool would soon be swimmable.  Recent events have shattered that faith into a million tiny unchlorinated little droplets.

The pool was empty, then the pool was filled, but the water was green.  Now, the pool is half empty again.  It seems that before they could fully chlorinate it, the water mysteriously went away.  It happened quite quickly, in a matter of days.  Where did it go, you ask?  Well, out through an apparent hole, location unknown.  Yes, the pool has a leak.

All of the complaining and nasty letter writing I did to get the pool filled in the first place has just gone up in smoke.  (or out in a steady trickle, whatever the case may be). 

So, I am back at square 1.  In fact, I’m actually back at -1, because we were worse off than before.  So, tomorrow I have to start again.  Take a pen, walk to the clubhouse, grab the complaint book, and write:

Please Fix the Leak in the pool.

After several months of this, the pool might actually be fixed, in which case, I can again start writing:

Please Fill the pool.

Which will, of course, need to be followed by:

Please Chlorinate the pool so its not green anymore.

I wonder if I have enough pens.

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