India Gate is a war memorial located in the heart of Delhi.  It commerates the Indian lives lost in WWI and the Afghan wars.  Names of the soldiers who lost their lives are written on its walls, and and underneath lies India’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  The “flame of the unknown warrior” can be seen burning eternally on the 4 corners of the tomb.

Because I had taken the kids to Washington DC this summer, I think they found this structure a lot more meaningful than they would have had we not made that trip.  Addie was able to make comparisons to the WWII Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial that she had been so fascinated with, and Ender remembered that “some president” had an eternally burning flame on his grave too.  We had seen the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Changing of the Guard in DC as well, so they even knew what that was all about.  I was feeling quite proud!

Here we are in front of the gate.  Notice Addie’s trusty Kids Guide to India in her hand:

And here is a slightly off-kilter picture of Addie and I, taken by Ender.  You can see the tomb of the unknown soldier behind us along with 1 of the eternally burning flames.  Though we can’t be sure because you can’t get close, it did appear to us that one of the flames had gone out.  We felt as if we should have been notifiying the authorities to remedy that.

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