Scott’s co-worker and friend from the US, Tim, arrived today, and he brought with him all manner of wonderful and exciting things.  Scott had sent him some requests in the last two weeks, and Tim and his wife were nice enough to gather them up and bring them along for us.

Today I came home to find:  Poptarts, Fruit Snacks, Children’s Vitamins, Children’s motrin, Macaroni and Cheese, Toothpaste, baking soda, pudding mix, a big bag of M&M’s and 3 bags of real bacon bits! Hooray for Tim!  Hooray for Tim’s wife!

Now, I know that this sounds like a very strange collection of stuff, but it is just the thing we needed for a little pick-me up.  While the Vitamins and Motrin were definitely a priority, the rest of the things provide an invaluable comfort to us.  It took everything I had not to break out a box of macaroni and cheese tonight, but I want to go slowly and make it last!  It’ll be 2 months before I get another chance to bring some of the comforts of home back here again.  The kids each got 1 fruit snack packet and then I hid them in the cabinet where they cant’ reach.

After the kids went to bed, I did open the bag of M&Ms.  It was quite difficult not to start shoving them in my mouth by the handful, but I kept my composure and refrained. (ok, maybe 1 small fistful!)  While it was hard to close that bag up again, I know it will be a lot more difficult to keep the kids from devouring them in one sitting,

There are also a couple of other little gifts hidden away.  We had a few things sent to Tim’s house before he left…I believe there are a couple of Wii games and a fancy Ben 10 watch (the kind with the digital display screen and games that Ender so desired) somewhere in the house, just waiting for the kids to deserve a special treat from the US. They will be so thrilled when they see this stuff.

So, thank you, Tim!  You’re the best!

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