Mujeeb has been released from the hospital, after an overnight stay for observation and testing.  He apparently has several blockages that will need to be addressed eventually, but he is ok for now, thank goodness.  While it is terrible that he had a heart attack, I am glad that it happened while he was here when we could get him the medical attention he needed.  I shudder to think what would have happened had he been at home and unwilling to go to the hospital, or out on his motorbike with his family on the back in the middle of traffic.  Thank you to those of you who sent their well-wishes.  I will pass them along to him when he is feeling better.

Many thanks to those of you who helped out… The wonderful guys at Scott’s office who helped coordinate his care, made phone calls and translations and calmed me in my hysterics.  Thank you also to the unknown driver who jumped in the car to rush him to the hospital, and especially to our friend, Rajesh, who came running down the street in a panic not knowing what was happening (he thought it was Scott having the heart attack!) and supplied the car to take Mujeeb to the hospital and rode along to see that he got the care he needed.  You guys saved a life yesterday.

And no, we are definitely not looking for another driver…nobody can replace Mujeeb!  With Scott driving now, we can get by just fine until Mujeeb is well enough to return to work.

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