Today has been quite a day, and its only 11:37 am.  The kids and I were planning to go to Novotel today, as Scott is working this weekend.  We had given our driver, Mujeeb, off yesterday so he could come today.  This morning we sent him a message asking him to come an hour later, so I was surprised when he showed up at the door at the original time (10:45), instead of 11:45 like we had asked.

I opened the door and started to apologize about not being ready yet, when I saw that he was rubbing his chest and shaking his arm and breathing heavily.  He said something about “heart, heart”, and went to sit down on the step in front.  I immediately realized what was happening and made him come inside and sit down and gave him some cold water while I frantically tried to get a hold of Scott to figure out how to get him to a hospital.  After a co-worker talked to him and translated, it was decided that I should call my neighbor who is gutsy enough to drive here, and he would take him to the hospital.  Meanwhile, Mujeeb was insisting that he had to go home, that his family would take care of him.  “No money,” he told me.  I told him not to worry about that, that we’d take care of him, and he was going to the hospital.  By this time he was shaking and panting and shaking his left arm and obviously in the throes of a serious heart attack.

I’d like you all to believe that I was calm and collected at this point, but no, I was panic-stricken and blubbering.  A series of phone calls and translations and Rajesh bringing the car around, and a neighbor who we’ve never met riding along for assistance, and they got him to the hospital.  I believe that Scott’s co-workers are arranging someone to go over there and contacting his family.  That’s where we are at right now.  I’m a nervous wreck and still shaking, but I know he is in the emergency room now and being taken care of, which gives me some comfort.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that everything turns out fine.  He is a wonderful gentleman and we love him dearly.  I will update as soon as I get news.

** Update @ 12:30pm IST **  As Stacy said I am at work today which is a blessing in disquise.  My co-workers are assisting me in insuring Mujeeb gets the help he needs.  A co-worker has taken my cash and rushed ot the hospital to coordinate his care.  By going through Mujeeb’s phone they have found his wife’s number and updated her on his status.  He is being shifted now to a new hospital and his wife is meeting him there.  Will continue to update as we know more.

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    Stacy, I’ve always know you to do very well under stress-related incidents. You did what had to be done and Mujeeb is in good hands. I hope he will be okay as I do know how fond you and the kids are of him. My thoughts are with you Mujeeb. I don’t know you personally but somehow feel I do.


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