Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

I thought it would be nice to embarrass my good friend, Stephanie, on her birthday.

Stephanie has been my friend seemingly forever.  I don’t remember exactly when we met, but it was sometime in elementary school, and we’ve been friends ever since.  We played on the playground together, sat near each other in school, walked home together, crawled through sewer tunnels, climbed trees, wrote secret notes, melted crayons on our shoes, sold lemonade, camped out, learned about adult topics through a certain purloined book, had our first sips of adult beverages, watched movies, had sleepovers, giggled over boys, buried dead animals (long story), attended Weird Al concerts, and a million other little things, all together.  Stephanie saw me through those awful teenage years, was responsible for me meeting Scott, and was the Maid-of-Honor in my wedding.  Her and her husband are now helping my mom learn her way around the internet and stay connected to us while we are here in India.

Now that I am far away, and have been for several years, our communication consists of mostly emails, and two particularly memorable “girls only” vacations, but whenever we get together, its like no time has passed.  She is one of those people you can pick back up with immediately as if you were never apart.  We get all silly and goofy (ok, sillier and goofier than normal) every time we meet.  The years seem to drain off for a few hours and we’re back to being those same giddy high school girls that we were so many years ago.

So, thanks, Steph, for all the good times, and many more to come.  And…Happy Birthday to You!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

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    Nicest. Post. Ever. Thank you!! 🙂 We sure have had some crazy times!! Playing with cabbage patch kids posable figures on the playground, trick or treating as a cat and mouse, getting eggs thrown at us buy creeps in masks – what was that all about?? Meeting interesting characters in the alleys of Cancun…

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    And that book we snuck sure was filled with incorrect information! I think i still have it somewhere!!

    Ahhh, our beloved Lost Boys. I recently watched the lost boys 2, it sure can’t compare to the original. but Edgar Frog was in it so i had to rent it. Some explode, some implode, but all want to take you with them.


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