Well, we made it. It was a long journey, but not quite as bad as I had feared. I will start from the beginning.

We had a wonderful send-off on Saturday, August 2nd. Many friends came over to celebrate Addie’s 8th birthday and to say goodbye. It was wonderful to get a chance to say goodbye to everyone, and the kids had a fabulous time swimming the afternoon away. Here’s my girl with her friends during the birthday song.

The next morning we hurried around the house getting ready to go. Things were going quite smoothly until we were gathering up the cats and found that one of the cat carriers had been ripped. Ender fessed up to the act, but that didn’t change the fact that the carrier was now unusable. A quick stop at Petco on the way to the airport fixed that up, and we were able to also get something to drug the cats with as well while we were there.

The first flight was short, only 3 hours to Detroit. We figured it would be a good test to see how the kids and the cats would do on the longer flight. To our amazement, we found that they both did wonderfully. Addie and Ender played with their Nintendo DS most of the way, and the cats were well-behaved except for take-off and landing, where they did start to yowl for a few brief minutes. All in all, we felt good about things when we landed in Detroit.


In Detroit we met Scott’s parents, as we had a 4 hour layover. They came bearing sandwiches and drinks and a deck of Uno cards. We sat in International Arrivals and ate.

Addie Loves her kitty!!
Addie Loves her kitty!!
Addie and Grandma
Addie and Grandma

As our flight neared, we decided that it would be a good idea to drug the cats for the 2nd flight. So, we pulled out medicine and the syringe, and proceeded to be outwitted by flying claws and hissing teeth. We got a little of the medication down Three’s throat, but Tiger was having none of it. Oh well, they did great on the first flight, right?

The 2nd leg of our journey started out well enough. However, I did notice quite quickly that it was a very quiet plane, with many adults and very few children. Soon this was to become a big problem. The kids were fine, well behaved, quiet. Unfortunately, the cats were not. About 2 hours into a 8 hour flight, Three started crying. It was quiet at first, barely discernable above the airplane noise, but quickly grew to be an incredibly annoying, tedious, repetitive cry. I tried everything I could think of. I pet her through the carrier, I talked to her, I tried giving her food and water, all to no avail. I took her in the bathroom so I could take her out and hold her for a bit, I had the stewardess let me use one of their seats in the back of the plane so I could get her away from the poor passengers for a while. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I found that if I petted her head and ears aggressively enough, she would calm down. Seemed the pressure on her head reassured her (or maybe just cut off the circulation, I’m not sure which!). In any case, I was able to sit in my seat for the next 4 hours with the carrier on my lap and pet her in that way. She’d quiet for a bit and I would fall asleep with my hand still on her, only to be woken up 15 minutes later to her crying again and I’d have to start all over. Unfortunately, nearing the end of the flight, Tiger started up too. Scott tried to keep him calm while I focused on Tres. I thought Scott was going to chuck them into the overhead bins, he was so mad! We arrived in Amsterdam irritated and exhausted.
Waiting for the next flight...
Waiting for the next flight...

Determined not to have a repeat on the prior flight, we decided to drug them again. It had been about 10 hours, so it was plenty of time in between. As we waited for our next flight, we administered the next dose. Again, Tres got some down her throat, but Tiger absolutely freaked out. The medicine went everywhere, AND he managed to rip the 2nd carrier right down the side with his back claws. I commandeered Addie’s shoe lace to sew the carrier back together (it was mesh), and we waited for the next flight, full of dread for what was to come.

However, much to our surprise, we never heard a peep out of them. Apparently, resigned to their fate, they decided there was no use in yelling anymore. For another 9 full hours, they flew across the world and didn’t have a thing to say about it. Addie made a new friend onboard who was happy to play Nintendo DS with her, both kids found out they hate Indian food, and Scott, Addie and Ender all were able to get several hours of sleep, while I stayed awake and fretted and worried that I had inadvertently OD’d my babies and that I would pick the carriers up after the flight only to find that I had killed my cats. Luckily, this wasn’t the case, and we all arrived unscathed in Hyderabad after 30 some hours of travel (and they never even messed their cages!).

We waited nearly 45 minutes for our luggage, and went through customs in about a minute and a half. The man never even looked at the health certificate for the cats…I could have stuffed 20 rabid rats in the bags and he wouldn’t have been the wiser. All that work and running around for nothing!

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