The Golconda Fort pictures will have to wait until tomorrow because I ran out of time tonight, due to the fact that I was busy clothes shopping!

Yes, for the first time since I have been here, I bought myself some new shirts.

Those of you who know me know that I’m a jean shorts and t-shirt person.  In the past, it was a very special day when you saw me in anything but that.  Moving here has been very difficult in that respect, as shorts on women are frowned upon (I almost NEVER see them), and t-shirts are also not common, even with men.  I have had to make due all this time with 2 pairs of leggings and 1 pair of jeans, and then some assorted long skirts, and a couple of tops and blouses.  Around the house, after Sudhakar leaves, I take the liberty of wearing shorts and t-shirts as long as I am staying indoors, but have been feeling self-conscious for the most part and longing to be able to find something both appropriate and comfortable.

So, after a long wait, I found:

The shirts are longer and feel pretty comfortable, and are of the style that you see around here on women who aren’t wearing the full saris.  They can be worn with jeans (a must for me), or the leggings that I have.  I also bought myself one new pair of tan jeans, so I am set for a bit, though I have to find another pair of jeans or two. Jeans shopping is such a horrible ordeal that I couldn’t bear any more of it today.

Scott wanted me to model one of the outfits, so here it is:

Not so bad, I guess.  It’ll never replace my shorts and t-shirts (which you can bet I’ll still be wearing in the privacy of my own home), but it’ll do for now.

Golconda pictures coming tomorrow, I promise.

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    Back in the 70’s when I lived in Georgetown ,D.C. we use to go to the shops and buy shirts like these. They were made in Indian and all the rage for hippies and freaks. We wore long dress’ too. I remember I had a dark blue one with tiny mirrors on it.


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