Addie and Ender attended yet another birthday party on Friday.  This one was held at Hotel Novotel (my favorite place in Hyderabad, if you remember it from my previous post).  The kids had just gotten out of the water after about 3 straight hours of swimming, and were sunning themselves poolside.

Here are Addie, Ender and Ender’s friend and classmate.

We are headed to Golconda Fort this afternoon, due to popular request from Addie who has been itching to see some historical stuff.  We’ll both have lots to write about after tonight.  We can’t wait!

One thought on “Cute Kids at the Pool

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    Am I mistaken or is there a birthday party just about every weekend? I’m glad that Addie and Ender have so many friends and are having so much fun! MILES OF SMILES on this pic!


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