Since Scott moved in here in March, he has been told that the pool will soon be filled.  Next week, they say, over and over again.  We are in October now, and still the pool sits half-filled and stagnant.

We have found out that there is a complaint book in the clubhouse, and are beginning a crusade to finally get this pool filled.  Each day, perhaps more than once, Scott and I will journey to the clubhouse and sign the complaint book.  There is even a bulletin board with the minutes from the homeowner’s meeting, where I intend to tack up angry notes regarding this.  I noticed that the meeting included a rundown of the number of people who had not paid their fees.  I figure that the first note I will write will say:

“Perhaps if you actually made good on your promises and filled the pool, ensured that we had water every day, fixed the problem with the power system that causes outages several times each day and maybe even watered the plants in front of the colony that were planted with our homeowners fees and then left to die for lack of water, people would be more than happy to bring their accounts up to date.”

My other idea is to dress my kids in their swimwear and grab some towels, and walk to the pool each day, only to find it not filled, and then march my crying children into the office every afternoon and have the manager explain to them why they can’t swim

Any other ideas are welcomed!  We NEED our pool!

2 thoughts on “The Useless Pool

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    Why not have all of the coloney’s children, dressed in swimsuits, sad faces and holding placards, pounce on the unsuspecting manager chanting, WATERLESS SWIMMING POOLS HAVE GOT TO GO! After a few days of this,and he would do anything to restore peace.


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