Being in the middle of a big city here, we don’t get too see all that much wildlife.  (No, the cows in the road and the starving dogs don’t count!)  Occasional pigeons and some bird that chirps at all hours of the night and the infrequent dead rat is about all we see.

So, I was thrilled when I let the dog out this morning and saw something flutter from the step up to the window.  It was large and brown and hit the window with an audible thud.

I walked outside to find the biggest, coolest moth that I have ever seen.  The poor thing had a torn wing, and is probably not long for this world as a result, but at least his image has been captured for posterity.

After some research, Addie and I discovered that it is an Erebus Macrops, but we could find no common name for it.  We did see a reference to it being rather rare, but I have no proof of that claim.  Addie was happy to point out that the beautiful “eyes” on its wings are a defense mechanism to scare away potential predators.

Below you can see a particularly cool picture of Addie’s reflection looking at the moth.  Yeah, I know, my windows could use a cleaning…. 😉

3 thoughts on “Fabulous Moth

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    I’m not sure , but I think that would be a Gypsy moth. At least that is what they are called around here. Could it be that it was somehow transported down to India via boxes, clothing,or some other means of transportation? Nonetheless, It’s hugh and it’s beautiful and I hope it mended itself. The “big eyes” will ward off predators for awhile. Nice observation Addie! By the way, Stacy, You sure are one great photographer. The reflection of Addie in the window- Nice touch!

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    This Indian moth reminds me of our beautiful Cecropia moths in the US. What I find the most fascinating about your beautiful specimen is that it appears to have huge mournful eyes that are crying. Addie’s pensive reflection adds an artful beauty and mystery to the scene.


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