In August 2000, the following picture was taken:

Newborn Addie asleep in the arms of her daddy.

Yesterday, 8 years and 59 days later, I was able to snap this one:

It just reminded me so much of the original that I had to share it.  Over 8 years later, and still cuddling his little girl to sleep.  What a wonderful Daddy he is.

3 thoughts on “A Picture from the Past

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    Beautiful! I’m reminded of the first day Addie was home from the hospital when her dad took her for a maiden walk around the neighborhood. He was so proud and so thrilled with being a father that he wouldn’t let anyone pass by until they had gazed upon the gorgeous object of his love and pride. With each glowing comment his chest swelled until I thought he would topple over from sheer delight. Nothing has changed except that he now has two gorgeous children to love and be proud of.

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    This picture is still very fresh in my mind after all these years and oh yes, Daddy is just plain wonderful! You’re the best Scott!

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    i am sapost to tell u that matt hasnt seen scott and wants a good picture of him on here lol. i didnt know where else to coment. hope eveything is going well Love ya


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