As many of you know, my darling son is notoriously difficult to feed.  In fact, for well over a year between the ages of 1 and 2, he lived on nothing but grapes, watermelon, cheese and “Boost”.  He then became a major carnivore, eating almost nothing but hot dogs and hard salami for the next several years.

So, it was a major shock to him when we moved here, and there is no salami as he knows it, and the hot dogs are not anything like good old Oscar Meyer.

His newest fad has become cheese and mayo sandwiches.  The mayo here tastes a lot like Miracle Whip, and the cheese we’re able to get readily is a very soft white cheddar which appears to me to be a white version of Velveta back home.  He will eat them for breakfast, snack and dinner.  He will get out everything he needs and make them himself as soon as he gets home from school.  He is as obsessive with this as he has been with everything else throughout his life.

So, it was with great surprise that I made him this morning’s request for breakfast.  Mushrooms.  Yes, mushrooms.  He wanted a big plate of sauteed mushrooms.  He even helped in the making.  And yes, he ate them all up.  Anyone know the health benefits of a plate of sauteed mushrooms? I’m just hoping that I can keep up with the demand if this really becomes his newest fad…they don’t always have them at the little local store.  I know its crazy, but I’m just glad he’s actually eating something!






Now he has asked for a salad for Lunch.  Specifically:  Lettuce, tomatoes, parmesan cheese and ranch dressing.  Again, he is eating it with gusto.  Who are you, and what have you done with my son???

2 thoughts on “Ender’s Breakfast

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    Has lettuce ever touched Ender’s lips before? I’m thinking, for a kid who only eats white cheddar cheese, grapes and meat, this new diet could start him rooting in the dirt and grazing in the back yard. Let’s hope he doesn’t know about Pop Eye or he’ll be tearing off the lids of spinach cans with his teeth. A garden full of green stars for Ender!

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    Hey Ender, so you’re making your own after school snacks. Good for you! The salads, the sandwiches and now sauteed mushrooms! MM good! Isn’t food wonderful!I love mushrooms too! Especially over a steak! I’m glad you’re experimenting with different kinds of food. You’ll be surprised! I love you Ender XXOO Grammyw2k


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