Well, with the start of school, it was bound to happen.  Addie seems to have come down with something…the usual fever and sore throat that seems to be so prevalent among kids as the school year rolls along.  We had to cut short a birthday party today and bring her home because she suddenly felt so rotten.  She’s done nothing but sleep and veg out ever since, and she looks like a walking zombie.  Addie has always had the ability to spike very high fevers and feel like crud for days with every illness, while Ender will get nothing more than a few sniffles and a couple hours of tiredness.  Yes, we are watching for signs of anything more serious, but her fever has broken this evening and she went to bed feeling nice and cool, making us fairly confident that it is nothing more than a general “bug” that has been spreading through school like wildfire.

Unfortunately, we seem to be fresh out of my favorite achiness-ender and fever-reducer, Children’s Motrin.  Scott went to a pharmacy to find some, and came out with the only thing he recognized:  a half-size bottle of children’s tylenol, costing over $10!  Along with only being enough for a couple of doses and ridiculously expensive, it also has been found over the years to do absolutely nothing for Addie’s fevers.  Luckily, she was cool when we put her to bed, so let’s hope the worst of that is over with anyway. 

Whoever comes to visit us first from the states:  Please pack several bottles of Children’s Motrin!  Oh, and some bacon!  😉

2 thoughts on “Our First Illness in India

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    Not that there is anything I could do, but I hope Addie is feeling better with the medicine you gave her. India, USA, anywhere, it happens.One child passes a “bug” to another and another.Pretty soon you have an outbreak. I started my own list of “hard to find items” that I will be bringing along with me when we all get together. Medicine of all types is at the top of the list. Addie, I hope Mom and Dad nipped it in the bud and you’re feeling good. I love you!

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    Poor baby! At least there was no shortage of hugs and kisses from Mom and Dad -these had to take the sting out of feeling really crummy and missing the birthday party. Sending some OOOs & XXXS of my own to Miss Lovable for added protection and to Mr. Irresistible just because.


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