This is a toilet.  Ender’s toilet, to be specific (just because its probably the nicest looking one in the house).  Of course I am the one who put the seat down…it is normally in the up position, as it seems to be for all boys.  See the two buttons on the top?  The smaller one, I just found out, is for a “small flush”.  You know, when you don’t need a lot of water to do the job.  The bigger one, then, is for the “big flush”.  I’m sure you all know what I mean.  Nice way to reduce water usage, if you can get people to actually use the correct one.  Not every toilet in our house has this feature.

But what I like about the toilet, and what makes me laugh as I go around putting down the toilet seats in the house, is the name of the manufacturer. HINDware!  Good for a laugh every time I see it.  Scott told me to point out that the right-hand button looks like a “moon” as well.  You can draw your own conclusions from that. Yes, we’re entitled to moments of immaturity too.  🙂

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