Scott sent me the following email from his office a couple of weeks ago:

This is to inform you all about an “Art on Rice Grain” stall in our office premises on September 5, 2008 between 1.00PM to 8.00PM.

About the Artist:

 Mr. Surya is physically challenged, completed his B.A – Arts from Sri Krishna Devaraya University  who specialized in doing sketches, writing names, quotes and other interesting arts on Rice Grains. He prepares keychain with the Rice Grain inserted in a liquid which magnifies the art, and that would cost you Rs. 25/- only.

He has been arranging the Art Camps in various companies across Hi-Tech City, and through these camps he plans to full fill his dream of pursuing higher studies in Management.

Please come forward and make use of this opportunity to get the Art of your interest done on a small Rice Grain, and in turn help for a Noble cause.

For those of you who don’t yet know rupees, RS. 25 is maybe 60 cents or so.  So, I told Scott to pick a couple up for the kids and I. 

The liquid does magnify the rice quite a bit, Scott says that it was much smaller than it now looks.  There is a rose on the back of the grain also.  You can kind of see it behind Addie’s there.  Cute little memento.  I hope the man realizes his dreams.

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