There is a ritual here in the expat community of Hyderabad.  The place to be on a Sunday afternoon is the Hotel Novotel.  We had been told about it a couple of times, but never got a chance to check it out.

So, last Sunday we decided to take the short drive over there (its within about 10 minutes of our house).  As promised, it was the perfect way to spend a lazy day, with an enormous buffet, access to the swimming pool, activities for the kids and plenty of socializing to be done with our fellow expats.  The kids saw many friends from school, and we all had a great time relaxing, talking, swimming and of course, eating!  There was even meat!!! 🙂

The best part:  It happens every Sunday!  I think I have found my second home!

Enjoy the pictures!

Ender became a tiger for the day.


Scary tigers together



and flying....


and bouncing around


They're thinking of taking this act on the road!



I think everyone in Wisconsin will understand when I say "BIG BOY!"


2 thoughts on “Novotel

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    Hey guys, This is the life! The cats in wet suits are an interesting variation on swimming attire – an old Indian tradition? Where are the pictures of you, Stacy, and how did you capture Ender in mid-air? I’ve enjoyed seeing all of you having so much fun and with so many friends.

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    The kids look great with their painted faces…completly reminded me of ThunderCats 🙂
    We have really been enjoying reading your posts, keep it up!!


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