After school activities started this week for Addie and Ender.  The activites run until 3:45, and then the bus brings them home as usual.  With me now being part of the school, it works out great for me, as I can spend that time preparing for the next day.  The downside is that we don’t get home until 4:30 or later each evening, leaving little time for homework, play, showers, and dinner.

Addie is keeping busy with the following classes:  Tennis, Drama, Computer Graphics, Football (AKA Soccer for those of you in the US) and Band.  She was most thrilled with Drama this week, followed by Computer Graphics.  She has not yet chosen her instrument for band, but is very excited about the prospect of learning one and performing.  She does take Guitar lessons 1X a week during the school day, and we will get her actual lessons outside of school if she wishes.

Ender’s classes include Tennis, Computer Club, Badminton, Football (AKA Soccer for those of you in the US) and Percussion/recorder.  According to the music teacher, the first few weeks will be a time of exploration for the kids, and Ender was thrilled to bring home a “recorder” to make noise with this week.  I pointed out to the teacher that Ender does have a drum set at home, though I am not sure which is worse..drumming or tooting.  Both are equally noisy.  It will be interesting to see what he chooses.  He liked computer club, but hasn’t said much about the sports activities yet.  Since we are not a very sports-minded family, I will be surprised if he really gets into them.  Still, its good exercise and lets him get out all of his energy.

I and a friend, Trina, are also teaching one of the classes, Dr. Seuss After School, on Tuesdays.  Its a lot of fun, but amazingly enough, we are having trouble finding Dr. Seuss books here.  We have a few to get started with, but need to locate some more to take me through the whole semester.  I guess I always thought that Dr. Seuss was universal!  I’m glad that we get the opportunity to introduce this American staple of childhood to some who may not have had the pleasure of reading them before.

Yes, we are very busy.  Too busy, it seems.  I should have appreciated those first few weeks of solitude a bit more while they lasted.

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