When our boxes finally arrived, I was thrilled to find that my beloved Bose Ipod speaker system was included in them.  Scott noticed that the power supply was able to take 220, so he told me that I could just go ahead and plug it in and it would be fine.  I was very happy to hear this, and looked forward to trying it out tonight.

My delicious sweet and sour dinner....
My delicious sweet and sour dinner....

So, I was in the kitchen, cooking a great sweet and sour dinner which no one but me will appreciate, when I decided that it would be the perfect time to listen to my ipod.  I was feeling somewhat homesick and remembering when I would cook in the house back in Florida and listen to my favorite group, The Red Hot Chili Peppers (I know Maureen, I know…) while creating wonderful works of macaroni and cheese and hamburger helper like I was so good at doing.

I grabbed the speakers and set them up, plugged the system in, and nothing exploded!  Hooray!  I placed the ipod carefully in the holder, and sure enough, sweet music to my ears.  I happily continued my cooking while dancing and humming to the snappy beat and inappropriate lyrics of a group that I am probably way too old to be listening to.

The offending Ipod
The offending Ipod

But then the inevitable happend.  The song “Tear” came on, but I really wanted to be listening to “Dani California”, so I cleaned off my hands and sauntered over to the ipod to change the song.  I innocently reached my hand forward and put my fingers around metal back of the ipod like I usually do, only to grab my hand away with a yelp.  Yes, my beloved ipod had turned on me.  It delivered an attention-getting shock that made my wrist hurt and the hairs on my arm stand on end!  The curse of the improperly grounded house had struck again, while Anthony Kiedis sang “Can you feel the voltage?…..”, completely unaware of the irony of his words. 

Yes, Tony, I can feel the voltage all too well.

2 thoughts on “India electricity strikes again

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    I can’t wait to hear a musical ensemble from Addie and Ender while I’m sure, in the background, I’ll be hearing music from your Ipod that will never ever leave your sight again.

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    Yea! The box of goodies finally arrived. How exciting it must have been for all of you and your neighbors too. It may have cost you a arm and a leg but PRICELESS I IMAGINE!


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