Scott and our friend Srini, relaxing by the pool
Scott and our friend Srini, relaxing by the pool

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Noun 1. expat – a person who is voluntarily absent from home or country; “American expatriates”

Yeah, that’s us.  Luckily, in Hyderabad, we have good company.  If I haven’t mentioned them before, TEA (Twin Cities Expatriates) is a great way for new arrivals to get out and meet people in the same situation.  The expats are a wonderful bunch, who are glad to offer a their insights, assistance and a shoulder to cry on if need be.  The members all know what you are going through because they went through it when they arrived.  The expats are a very diverse bunch from many different countries and backgrounds, and the vast majority of their kids attend the International School as well.  We have met many wonderful people through this group in the few short weeks we have been here.

Addie gets a golf lesson
Addie gets a golf lesson
Ender misses the ball completely
Ender misses the ball completely

Aside from their weekly Friday dinner at the Walden Club in Whisper Valley, they also arrange many events for expats throught the year, and today found us at one such event.  A local golf and country club hosted our rather large group for a few hours of food and fun.  There were bounce houses, face painting, games and music for the kids.  The adults had the opportunity to socialize, network and enjoy a delicious buffet.

The country club itself was a beautiful place, with a very nice swimming pool, large exercise room, driving range, and stunning golf course (if you’re into that sort of thing).  I tried to get a few scenery pictures, but they never seem to turn out like I hope they will. 

Ready to Swim

As you can see from the pictures, the kids got a chance to swim and learn a bit of golf from Daddy.  Addie got a croquet lesson from one of the employees, and Ender had a good time trying his hand at table tennis.  (which, of course, was pretty much just him running and getting the ball he missed over and over and over).  They had a lot of fun playing with their friends from school and enjoying all the games and activities. 

Yes, Steve, he's even without a shirt in public!

I especially enjoyed the surrounding scenery.  The massive boulders that can be found all around Hyderabad have been incorporated into the golf course instead of being blown up and removed as is done in most new development.  They are a stunning sight and I wanted so badly to go to them and climb to the top.  I have a thing for rocks, what can I say?

This was our first large event with the expats and I look forward to many more in the year to come.

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    What fun! Scott looks happy passing along his golf skills to Addie and Ender. AS I recall, you are a natural with a golf club, Stacy. Did you try your hand at it this time, or did you head straight for the rocks?


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