Here is an excerpt from a letter that went home with the students in the kids’ school just today:

“…in the meantime, Mrs. Stacy Fluegge, a qualified teacher from USA has kindly agreed to help us out.  Mrs. Stacy has been working with Grade 2 since Monday, 10th of September and it has been a great help and support to Mrs. Gertrude….”

“This arrangement will continue until Mrs. Stella joins us on the 22nd of September…after which Mrs. Stacy will continue to support us with the curriculum planning, classroom organization and strategies that will help the class function better.”

I think I am still a little in shock about how this all transpired so quickly, and I am, as of right now, unclear on what my duties will exactly be, but we will work that all out in the next week.

On the bright side, at least now I might actually get paid for being in the school all the time!  Of course, when the average teacher salary in India is approximately $3000 a year USD, I’m thinking that it will feel quite a bit like volunteer work anyway.

Yeah, I’m an idiot, but where would the world be without saps like myself?  The happy students clamoring around me yelling “Miss Stacy, Miss Stacy” when I walk in the door make it all worthwhile.

2 thoughts on “Yes, I’m an idiot

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    You are making a big difference in many children’s lives and doing it with style and creativity. In some ways, this is as good as it gets. Well done, Stacy!


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