Why is there a pumpkin hanging from my roof? 
It greets us like only a moldy, dried-out husk of a gourd can.  It hangs from a mesh bag attached to wires that were meant to provide electricity to a nice overhead fan.  It watches our every move, it knows our comings and goings, it sways in the breeze.  Where did it come from?  What does it mean?  How long must it hang there like that?


 Why does the power shut off multiple times a day? 
It is usually out for several hours each day.  We have a battery backup, but that only runs lights and fans and tv.  Water, microwave, fridge, forget it.  It could be worse..we could not have the battery backup at all.


Why does the houseboy stash garbage in my cabinets
This is what I was greeted with when I started organizing things.  Cabinets with empty bottles, cabinets with empty dog food bags, cabinets strewn with newspapers.  What is he storing them for, and if he wants them so bad, why doesn’t he just take them home?  I threw them all out.  Maybe he pulled them out of the garbage, who knows.  Near them, I found an empty bottle of roach killer.  Perhaps its like deer hunting…lure them with food and then move in for the kill?  I haven’t seen a single roach yet, thank heavens.


 Why does the trash man ring the doorbell each morning?
The doorbell sits on our gate, right next to where the trash is put out.  He doesn’t wait around for us to answer, he just rings and leaves right away.  Courtesy wake-up call?


 Why is there such a serious locking mechanism on the door to the shrine room? 
Is it to keep people out, or to keep something in?  AND…since I don’t have any Gods to worship, is it disrespectful to use it for another purpose?

 What did the ladies who showed up at my gate speaking no English want?  They wanted to come in, I know that much for sure, but I have no clue what they planned to do once they got here.  This morning it happened again, but this lady was able to say “housekeeping?”.  So maybe that was it.  I have a housekeeper, so I guess I can just keep sending them away.  I tried not answering the door, but they wouldn’t leave (probably because they saw Ender’s little head peeking out of the curtains and knew that I was home).


What will happen when we visit the chicken pens? 
How will the kids react when I take them to the poultry market and buy very VERY fresh chicken prepared for purchase right before our eyes? (if you get my drift…)



Why don’t they use P-traps in their sinks and drains? 
Instead, mothballs are put in every sink and drain presumably to keep the smell down and the bugs out. Mothballs make me feel nauseous. I try to avoid the bathrooms as long as possible.


Why do mosquitoes love Ender so much?  A million bites on his face alone, and only one or two on the rest of us.  People think he has chickenpox!  Perhaps I should just go and stock up the malaria medication now. I seriously have just 2 or 3 bites, and he wakes up in the morning looking like this.  We have bought more plug-in mosquito killers for their rooms and are now putting mosquito spray on them before bed, but I seriously don’t know where they are coming from.  We’ve got to get this figured out quick!

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    Remember those awful blue deodorant cakes that gas stations use to put in their crappy bathrooms? That’s what your mothballs in the sink remind me of.


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