I know this is going to be hard to visualize, but imagine a staircase that goes up to the third floor.  Now imagine me lying on my back on the cold hard floor below to get this stunning picture.  What can be more beautiful than a staircase decorated with wet laundry?  Does it get any more stylish and classy than this?

Before I got here, this was apparently the ONLY way that the laundry was dried in this house.  Scott was, of course, perfectly fine with this.  Then the crabby wife comes along and suddenly there are clotheslines outside and the laundry can’t be hung over the railings anymore.  Now, it is only on rainy days that we get to delight in the beauty and elegance of a pair of dripping wet boxer shorts arranged artistically on the banister.

3 thoughts on “Rainy Day Laundry

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    How long does it take to dry dripping undershorts and soggy tee shirts? If you bought some white Christmas lights you could speed up the drying process and make a fashion statement.

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    I had a neighbor in Cooper City you thought the drier “aged” clothes. She would have laundry hanging from doorways chairs and an actual line across her living room!


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