Normally a family only has to go through the “first day of school” experience once in a year.  Not so for the Fluegges!  If you have been reading Stacy’s posts then you already know she has gotten roped into volunteering at our kids school full time for the next 2 weeks while they wait for a couple new teachers to join.  What you may NOT have known is that she gets to ride the bus with the kids to get there!!




So it was up at 6:15am here to insure all 3 kids got up, showered, got dressed and had their breakfast.  Addie had some cinnamon toast, Ender had a pear and Stacy had her customary bottle of Pepsi.  Am I a good dad or what?  By 7:20 we were out the door and off to meet the bus.  Lets hope all three of them have great experiences to share when they get home!!

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