For our first day in Hyderabad, we decided that we needed to do some shopping.  Upon looking things over when we arrived, I knew there was much needed.  Curtains for the kids rooms were an absolute necessity, or they would be waking at first light every morning.  Scott had plastic placemats on the table that looked like they had been stolen from the local greasy spoon (if they have those here), and only six small water glasses and a highly breakable dish set.  There was maybe 1 pot to cook in, no cooking utensils, and worst of all, no food! 

So, we journeyed out the mall and a few smaller stores for some of these things.  Of course, nothing is going to be easy here, and finding what we wanted was tough.  All of the bedding for the kids looked like stuff from the 70’s.  Addie was thrilled with her leopard/zebra and tiger print sheet set, and Ender chose something that looked sort-of like a pixallated Pacman motif.  They were happy with it, so it was all good.  Pots and pans were ok, but roasting pans are uncommon as not many people have ovens in their homes.  I wanted a toaster oven, so we got one of those, but then finding the pans for cookies, cakes and brownies was challenging.  Finally I found a square glass pan for brownies and a oval pan that I can make burritos and such in.  It will work for now. 

A quick stop at a yummy noodle place (sort of like “Noodles and Company” but with less choices), and then it was time for some food shopping.  We were exhausted by then and all of us were falling asleep in the car.  We decided to stop at a small shop for some essentials..milk, eggs, noodles, etc.  I perused the aisles and realized that I had no idea what kind of flour to buy, what kind of spices, anything!  Everything is so different.  We came away with very little because we were just too tired to think.

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    I should be so lucky! I’d give just about anything for a Big Lots right now! Heck, I’d even take a regular old dollar store…my choices would be more varied than they currently are!


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