Addie has begun work on her very own website!

We only had a little time to put a few pictures and links on, but she wants to begin working on it more by herself.

She is very busy learning to type and trying to think of things she would like to tell everyone about.  I think, from listening to her ideas, that she would like to do a blog also eventually.  We’ll see where her ideas take her! 

Please take a look at what she has so far.  She is very excited about it.

Addie’s Page

4 thoughts on “Addie’s Website

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    Hi Addie, Just wait until your friends start reading your webpage and see pictures of you and your new home away from home. Just wait until your friends start writing comments on your blog. I’m very excited for you. I love you and miss you so very much. You’re doing great!

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    Your web page makes me very happy, Addie. I can see you, Miss Lovable, having fun and playing with friends just like you lived next door. I get to see pictures of Mr. Irresistible as well….. grinning and just having fun. Beauty looked so happy to have your arms around her neck in a big loving squeeze. Well done! XXX,OOO


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