I have become quite the domesticated man thanks to this Paleo Challenge, even if it is only the 3rd day… Last night I got home from the gym at about 8:45pm and promptly got out some ingredients and made some taco meat out of my remaining lean beef so I can steal Debbie Dove’s idea for tacos, made some salsa to use up the remaining onion and some older peppers, cooked up some chicken for my meal topped with the salsa I had just made (that was good), and whipped up a fruit smoothie as a test of my blender (it failed – the blender not the smoothie). As I was cleaning up all my dishes my wife asked me in her cute little innocent voice: “Will you cook like this for us AFTER the challenge?”. And you know what, I think I just might! Who knew I would enjoy this part? Beats coming home and going straight to the TV!

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