So, I have come to a realization… You know how people often refer to stomachs as pits or holes? How it often feels like there is a well in our stomachs that fills as we eat? I often visualize the food slowly working its way to the top, or in yesterday’s case, overflowing the well, cascading down the hill and flooding the neighbors yard. Paleo has challenged that outlook. No longer do I think of my stomach in that same way. Now I think of it like a two story building. I am eating and the food is going into the house but without carbs, it seems the door (my mouth) connects only to the first floor and that little trigger that tells me I am full is stranded all alone on the second floor. No matter how much I eat, it just sits up there looking longingly out the window day dreaming about all those foods I DIDN’T eat today and ignoring the steaming mound of veggies, chicken and beef that are overflowing the main level… I hope I find the key to the second floor soon…

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