Delivery or Homemade… That was the dilemma that faced me tonight. Should my last pizza be a cheesy slice of heaven from Dominoes that includes the thrill and anticipation while we wait to see if the pizza guy can even find our address here in the Acreage (don’t ask, it really is a crap shoot with them), or should we take the time to make pizza from scratch and let the kids flavor them to taste (My son loves veggies and pepperoni where my daughter is all about the white sauce and water chestnuts – go figure)? Well, after much more thought than it deserved we decided that since my wife and daughter are still fighting the flu, maybe cooking would be a bad idea and Dominoes Pizza was the winner. Earlier I mentioned being less than satisfied with the meals I was saying goodbye to. Not so this time! Wow. I do love pizza. And because it was to be my last one for at least 9 weeks (notice I am starting to open myself to the idea of living this beyond the challenge), I splurged and got the Spinach and Feta Cheese stuffed bread… I think I will spend the rest of the evening on the couch with my hand in my waste band like Al Bundy while I make the sounds of satisfaction made famous by Homer Simpson…

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